Custody for fiduciaries

Knox is building a trust-minimized Bitcoin service for fiduciaries. When the value you maintain is not your own, controlling private keys is not acceptable.

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Machine Guarantees, Not Policy

We have spent years in R&D refining the technology of collusion-resistant private key management. Our technology has focused the risk of collusion. The result is a system that on a day-to-day capacity is not subject to internal collusion risk, and which is explicitly insured against internal and external thefts across the private key lifecycle.



The Right to be Protected

Insurance policies for Bitcoin still fall short — policies are usually structured with limits shared across multiple clients. This structure introduces counter-party risk.

On the back of our collusion-resistant technology, we have gone further:

  • Insured custody with insurance for up to 100% of held value
  • Exclusively allocated insurance limits
  • Signed certificates attesting to our insurance properties
  • Insured against key loss
  • Insured against external theft
  • Insured against internal collusion