Custody for Peace of Mind

Blending Safety with Simplicity for Executives and Fiduciaries

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Custody for Peace of Mind

Blending Safety with Simplicity for Executives and Fiduciaries

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A New Standard in Custody Security & Risk Management

Proprietary custom and hardened hardware are provisioned for each client to ensure the highest level of security.

1   -   The Terminal

A hardened device is made for each client to provide a secure portal to initiate transactions. Each terminal has proprietary software KNØX OS designed for the sole initiation of custody transactions. Any attempt to modify or install additional software renders the KNØX terminal inoperable.

2   -   The Access Keys

Custom-built and provided to authorized administrators to initiate transactions. Strict security controls are in place to govern the usage of access keys and the terminal to initiate transactions.

Bespoke Governance Model

Security design and controls are tailored to each client to safely store and move digital assets. We don't just rely on multiple account authorisers to approve any given transaction. Our infrastructure is designed in such a way that KNØX agents are incapable of executing any transactions that haven't been explicitly asked for by our clients.

Rigorous Internal Controls

Geographical Separation

Digital asset keys are generated using distinct facilities. All keys are split and stored in distinct geographical regions.

Segregated Offline Accounts

All digital assets are managed in an end-to-end secure system with compartmentalized storage of assets offline, using proprietary networking.

Multi-Party Authorization

Only verified account administrators can initiate transactions. Moving digital assets require multiple approvals from distinct facilities.

Compatible With Any Digital Asset Portfolio

We designed our infrastructure to be digital asset agnostic to serve the needs of our clients and their portfolio.

Pushing the Edge of Insurance Protection

Dedicated insurance coverage is in place for 100% of asset values held in custody. Collusion risk is covered by our insurance policy, which is the single most important risk for a large scale loss event within any offline custodial service.

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